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Client Testimonials

"Our family as well as myself personally have had the great pleasure to work with Reg now for well over15 years. What is outstanding about those years is that Reg has provided well reasoned advice and outstanding results over those years, including during the most recent recession in 2008. We were never led to believe that some magic wand would save us from challenging years nor take us out of the universe during the bull years but just a steady hand and advice during the ups and downs of the market place. Confidence is the word that comes to mind most as well as trust and security provided we are willing to look at the longer term. Not once did we ever doubt his good judgement and very much appreciated his advice and insights when making investments including private startup companies that may not bring him personally all that much benefit.

Our children and family have learned a great deal from Reg and his Team and look forward to work with him and his associates for many more years to come."

- H.V

“I had a wonderful broker for 20 years before he retired. After a few false starts with others (it seems I am a little tough on advisors!) , a mutual friend suggested I speak to Zach Davidson. Couldn’t hurt I thought. It has been an excellent 9+ year run ever since. I look for 3 things from my advisor. Service. Execution. Attention to detail. That's it. Zach and his team provide outstanding service for the myriad of accounts and regular and irregular investments I participate in. Trade execution is flawless in both public and private transactions. They work seamlessly with other professionals and you feel fully confident that what you require will be done diligently and with alacrity. All of which is supported by timely communication. It is an absolute pleasure to deal with someone as knowledgable and professional as Zach.”


"As Paul’s client at JMRD Wealth Management for the past 25 years, I’ve benefitted from his expertise in the financial field, tireless work ethic and exceptional service. Paul takes the time to really know his clients and this gives me every confidence that my financial goals are well understood. He regularly provides updates and is always available to answer any questions or to explain or suggest options with my portfolio.

Kind and thoughtful, Paul is also generous with his time outside of work. Taking part in various charity events and supporting worthy causes are just some of the ways that Paul demonstrates his commitment to the surrounding community.

I’ve appreciated the guidance that Paul has provided in helping me make sound financial decisions and would not hesitate to recommend him or any one of his team members to help others with their financial needs . His honesty & integrity make him not only a great financial advisor; but someone I am proud to call a friend."

 -B. & L. M.

"I am probably one of the earliest clients of JMRD and their predecessors. In the 1970s I lived in the High Arctic of Canada when a new mine opened up called Nanisivik. Some of the employees had an ambition to host a marathon over the rugged hilly road developed by the mine. I lived in another community but made regular visits to Nansivik and met this core of runners and during my visits would run with them. The race did become a reality and continued for more than twenty years. One of those employees was David Plumb. We became friends and after his mining days he became an investment advisor and I think I was one of his first clients. Eventually he formed his own team with Scotia Macleod. During the years the company evolved and eventually came under the umbrella of National Bank Financial.

During this time my portfolio became the responsibility of Jaden Ropp. With continued growth it seemed beneficial to divide the company into two teams. I was very happy with the way Jaden was handling my portfolio and when the division came into effect I chose to stay with Jaden. At some point the new team became the familiar JMRD, taking the first initial of their last names as their company name. Meanwhile, whenever anyone talks to me about potential investing, I always recommend JMRD, and while the whole team is first class I admit that I also recommend Jaden as we have built a relationship over the years. My wife also became a client and she shares my appreciation of Jaden.

Jaden clearly has knowledge and expertise relating to the investment industry, but it is other qualities that make him stand out. His clients are not just numbers. He takes time to understand us as people, to learn about our families and our hopes and aspirations. As we approached retirement he helped us plan to achieve security, and has been proactive in adjusting our portfolios as markets and personal circumstances have evolved. One of the things we appreciate is that Jaden keeps in close touch, through emails, phone calls and personal visits."

 -L. D. & E. S.

Steve Lockner is a great adviser!

He keeps me in the loop as much as is necessary and makes me a good return.

I trust Steve!


"Paul has been my financial advisor and, so much more, for 20+ years.

Throughout those 20+ years he has helped me achieve my goal of financial independence and security prior to reaching the age of 50.

To do so we had to navigate through some challenging times, such as, the dot.com crash of 2000, the fallout from the 9/11 terror attacks in NYC and the financial crisis in 2007.

Through good times and bad times or panic and euphoria, Paul always remained calm and patient and never strayed from his core principles and beliefs in long term investment.

Having achieved my own personal financial goals our attention has now turned to taking care of the next generation and the one after that. The recent addition of a universal life insurance policy is a major step towards reaching this new goal.

In addition to being my financial advisor, Paul has become a close friend to whom I have gone to for advice on a multitude of things such as business, property, travel and my children’s schooling and sports. Paul’s advice on these other matters has been as sage and appreciated as his advice on investment matters.  

I look forward to working with Paul over the next 20+ years as we tackle new investment objectives and whatever else I need help with!"


1: I was first a friend of Reg’s before I became a client. Although he was never trying to “sell” me on his services, we had a lot of discussions around his investment philosophy and it matched exactly with what my long term goals were at the time. He understood my needs and addressed a plan accordingly. I chose him because I really liked his philosophy on investing and I considered him a trusted advisor that I wanted on my team.

2: The main financial concern I have is not losing my money. From day one, Reg has always stressed that I worked too hard to earn my money so why be foolish and greedy and risk the chance of losing it in a down market. We fully agree on that strategy. Reg communicates with me regularly to ensure we are still on the same page and his plan is still the right strategy for me. Monthly reporting, daily reports and regular discussions keep me in the know.

3: Reg has taught me a lot along the way. He is very well read and always in tune with what is going on in the market as well as globally. He has helped me to understand just enough – but not too much to be dangerous.

4: If I were to recommend Reg (which I have) I would suggest that he listens to what your goals are and sets a program in place to suit your needs. He listens to me, but is not afraid to give his opinion and his advise based on certain conditions and situations which I certainly appreciate. We have agreed on multiple occasions that I do not let my customers tell me how to plow snow and therefore I won’t tell him how to invest my money! He gets that fully! If asked why they should work with Reg – I would say that he is a great listener but a consummate professional that understands his business better than anyone I know. Also – he has an infectious personality and is lots of fun to be around!!!

5: I think I have already answered the question about what I enjoy most about working with Reg, but the outcome that has resulted is a solid financial plan with a strategy for long term growth and success. I have a full understanding of my current situation and a solid plan going forward. I appreciate the time Reg takes to keep me educated on our strategy as well. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and I consider myself lucky to call him my advisor and friend.


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