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About National Bank Financial

and Fairway Wealth Management

About National Bank

Fairway Wealth Management is proud of its association links with National Bank Financial and shares its ideals and aspirations. National Bank Financial's mission is to manage the world's most important investment: yours.

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Over a century ago, before many of our current competitors had seen the light of day, National Bank Financial leading the way for Canadian investors. In fact, we still are. Developing new and innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of our clients is a tradition we have maintained to this day.

National Bank Financial is one of the sixth largest investment dealers in Canada, with 3,500 employees (including more than 1,000 Investment Advisors) and a 100-branch network that extends from Victoria to Halifax. The firm has more than 400,000 individual investor clients, for whom it manages close to $70 billion in assets.

National Bank Financial is a subsidiary of the National Bank of Canada, one of the country's seven major chartered banks. National Bank was named one of the world's most stable banks by Bloomberg in 2011. In addition to its 660 Canadian branches, National Bank has offices in New York, Chicago, and eighteen other American cities, and is represented in some 120 countries. The National Bank of Canada's assets base exceeds $83 billion, giving National Bank Financial a solid, reliable and dynamic partner.

As a full-service investment dealer, we offer access to a broad range of investment products and services, but our primary role is to provide our clients with objective, well-researched information and wise counsel.

Think of us as a serious partner committed to helping you meet your financial needs.

About Fairway Wealth Management

The Fairway Wealth Management Team is a select group of highly qualified investment professionals. Collectively, we possess nearly 300 years of wealth management experience, numerous financial designations and several university degrees.

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The unique team format employed by JMRD Watson allows the group to utilize the expertise of each team member, providing our clients with the highest degree of knowledge in all aspects of personal finance. An additional benefit of the team format is an exceptional and unsurpassed level of service.

The JMRD Watson Wealth Management Team is the custodian and primary financial decision maker for over 500 Families, businesses and Foundations. Collectively, our team of 18, manages assets totaling $1.7Billion from 4 offices in London, Toronto, Waterloo and Chatham

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