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Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute – FCSI, www.fcsi.ca

Representing individual integrity and unrivaled professionalism, the designation of Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI)® is reserved for financial services professionals who have met the most exacting standards for industry experience, advanced education and solid endorsement from their peers and superiors.

The FCSI designation is awarded to industry professionals whose superior training and experience exemplify excellence. It is recognized as the highest honour in the financial services industry. To date, more than 5,000 industry professionals have earned the FCSI designation.

Chartered Investment Manager – CIM

A step above the average financial planning professional, the CIM designation confirms the Advisor has the knowledge and expertise to handle complex wealth management issues and counsel high-net-worth clients.

The CIM educational program advances you beyond a study of complex financial planning and wealth management concepts, techniques and solutions.

Certified Financial Planner™ – CFP, www.fpsc.ca

The CFP™ registered certification identifies individuals who are dedicated to a high level of professionalism in providing financial planning advice. The CFP credentials assure you that those using them have agreed to adhere to the highest internationally recognized standards of competence and ethical practice as set out by Financial Planners Standards Council (FPSC).

CFP professionals must follow a professional Code of Ethics. The Code is designed to better serve you, the consumer, by requiring disclosure of pertinent information about a CFP professional and describing the behaviour you should expect from your planner. A CFP professional is obliged to place the client’s best interest first. He or she must disclose relevant information that might affect the financial planning relationship, such as sources of compensation including fees or commissions, and any potential conflicts of interest that might compromise the planner’s objectivity.

Certified Investment Management Analyst – CIMA, www.imca.org

Offered by the Investment Management Consultants Association as the premier designation in the industry, the CIMA provides an intense educational experience focusing on asset allocation, manager search and selection, investment policy and performance measurement. The CIMA program began with one class in 1988 and has grown dramatically in the years since. There are currently over 3,000 CIMA designees, including a number in Canada and Australia. The program is no longer accepting new applicants, but IMCA supports almost 1,000 current designees.  All IMCA certified individuals maintain the highest ethical standards by agreeing to abide by our Code of Professional Responsibility. They also remain up to date in their field by completing 40 hours of continuing education every two years.

Private Wealth Solutions Principals

National Bank Financial and JMRD fully recognize that clients of substantial wealth require a comprehensive approach to their overall wealth management. As a firm, we strive to ensure that our clients have access to the best products, services and professional advice to meet their individual needs.

A complete understanding of our client’s objectives, both personal and business, is the appropriate starting point. The other key ingredient is to ensure that a specialized group of extensively trained Investment Advisors are available to pro-actively meet the needs of the firm’s most valued clients. The specialized group of Investment Advisors is known throughout National Bank Financial as ‘Private Wealth Solutions Principals’.

All Principals have successfully completed comprehensive training and accreditation that ensures that our knowledge, skill set and professional network are the best in the industry. Ongoing education is a requirement to retain their Private Wealth Solutions Principal status. Our team’s expertise, access to specialists, along with the full support and commitment from National Bank Financial, allow clients of substantial means and complexity to know all of their needs will be professionally and pro-actively addressed. To ensure high service standards, each Principal limits the number of client relationships we serve.

This approach allows National Bank Financial to provide Excellence in Private Wealth Solutions.

Portfolio Manager

One of the primary reasons for the JMRD Team moving to National Bank Financial was to be able to use the Advisor Basket approach when managing client portfolios. In order to manage our own basket, the team was required to obtain the Portfolio Manager (PM) designation.

Members of the team had already completed the prerequisite courses through fulfilling past continuing education requirements and we were able to obtain the designation very quickly. We are supervised by other Portfolio Managers within National Bank Financial, whose job it is to ensure that the investment decisions we make adhere to the Investment Policy Statement of the JMRD Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) and Diversified Income and Growth (DIG) Basket. Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) has enacted very stringent guidelines for us to maintain the PM status and we will meet these requirements each year.

Our Portfolio Manager approach allows us to offer a unique option for some clients.  This option is a fully discretionary account which provides us with the latitude to manage all of your investments. You entrust your savings to us and we make the necessary decisions involved in the day-to-day management of your entire portfolio.

We do this while strictly following your investor profile, restrictions, constraints and investment objectives.

The only difference between our Basket program through our JMRD Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) and Diversified Income and Growth (DIG) Baskets and the fully discretionary account through the PM designation is that it allows investors to entrust the daily management of only some of their investments to the JMRD Wealth Management Team. The main feature of the Basket is allowing prudent portfolio management for clients without having to consult them each time a change occurs. There are many other advantages to this discretionary approach:

  • By not having to confirm each trade, more time can be devoted to managing client investments
  • For the same reason we are able to execute our best ideas in a more timely manner.
  • All or part of the competitive management fees related to the ‘basket’ could be tax deductible
  • The ‘basket’ is actively managed by the JMRD Team
  • Basket holdings are fully transparent, unlike similar investment alternatives.