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The JMRD Wealth Management Team offers services from highly-proven and experienced Will and Estate Planner: Peacehold. Based in London, both companies offer a breadth of in-depth services close to home.

London Community Foundation connects philanthropy with community needs and opportunities in order to make London and Middlesex the best place to live, work, learn, and grow.

We are one of the largest of Canada’s 165 community foundations. Established in 1954 and revitalized in 1979, we have grown to hold over $42 million in assets and to work with hundreds of concerned Londoners and high-impact community organizations.

We are a registered, public, non-profit organization created for and by the people of London.


Through the power of giving, we create a vibrant and caring community by investing strategically in innovative community-based solutions.


We strengthen the community by investing in projects that:

  • emphasize prevention rather than remediation
  • encourage networking and collaboration among organizations
  • demonstrate innovative or interdisciplinary approaches
  • develop local leadership capacity
  • reflect diversity and inclusivity
  • provide leveraging possibilities in order to build skills, capabilities and assets of people and groups in our community.


A community working together so that each member has the opportunity for an enriched quality of life.


All gifts are invested and held forever in an endowment. Through prudent investment and due diligence in grantmaking, the Foundation is able to ensure that our donors’ wishes are respected in perpetuity. Only through London Community Foundation can a donor support multiple charities, specific areas of interest or create unique opportunities to leverage funding with others.


Peacehold Estate Documentaion is a Canadian-owned company dedicated to the accurate and timely service of processing estate documentation in your time of need. Peacehold delivers a custom package to every customer with step-by-step instructions to help you complete the signing of all prepared documents. A few of their services include:


  • Pensions, benefits and life insurance
  • Memberships, licensees, etc.


  • Peacehold ensures crucial information and documents are retired with the appropriate agencies