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Top Investment and Financial Planning Objectives for 2021 and Beyond Thumbnail

Top Investment and Financial Planning Objectives for 2021 and Beyond

A top priority the past few years has been to continue rolling out and improving our discretionary model program. Our strides in 2020 exceeded even our lofty expectations. Jaden Ropp spearheads this initiative and feel free to reach out to him with any comments or questions by clicking here. Also, check for regular updates and news related items in the weekly Market Observer.  

We have now also rolled out a another version of our model that can be used in smaller accounts. We have worked hard with National Bank Investments to develop this approach and we have seen great results after two full years of using the program. This is a simplified approach to portfolio management that uses low cost ETFs and Funds to actively manage individual accounts or full client portfolios. If you have questions about our portfolios click here to reach out to Joe DiBrita to review what we have to offer.  

Overall our objectives have not changed over the years and we feel it is important to revisit them each year.

1. Investors must continue to focus on their individual risk and reward profile.

  • Balancing the risk/reward trade-off by focusing on our best long-term investment ideas while managing position size to avoid too much concentration.
  • Review your profile and current asset allocation with the JMRD Watson Wealth Management Team.
  • Are these two things still in sync?  
  • There are five different risk profiles at NBF; Income, Conservative, Balanced, Growth, Maximum Growth.  Do you have comments or questions on your profile? 

2. Investors must have an investment plan and do their best to stick to that plan.

  • Review your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and ensure your asset allocation is up to date and appropriate, as per the above risk profiles. 
  • We regularly revisit your IPS during our portfolio reviews, but please feel free to talk to us at any time for clarification on this very important point. 
  • These services provide timely opportunities for us to follow up with you to review and/or update your financial plans and assist in keeping your information compliant and current. 
  • That said, if you would like to speak to us about any changes in your financial or personal lives that may impact your investment situation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

3. Focus on income and get paid to wait for the markets to get through their inevitable weak periods. 

  • Volatility in the short term is what provides the opportunity for long term returns.
  • For cash flow, invest in dividend and interest-paying securities to cushion portfolios through times of weakness.

4. Retirement income planning 

  • Adam and Rob are the team’s experts at optimising your income for tax purposes. 
  • With this process we attempt to answer questions like: 
    • Should I contribute to an RRSP or a TFSA or both?
    • How much should I contribute to an RRSP?
    • Should I withdraw funds from my registered accounts before the mandatory withdrawal age? 
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