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The Tom Deans Program and ‘Willing Wisdom’  Thumbnail

The Tom Deans Program and ‘Willing Wisdom’

The Tom Deans Program and ‘Willing Wisdom’ has become an integral part of the JMRD WATSON Financial Planning Process.

JMRD Watson has always been committed to life-long learning and continuing education. In 2017, the Team had the opportunity to attend a fantastic presentation by Tom Deans who is the best-selling author of the JMRD Watson favorite ‘Willing Wisdom’. 

Since attending his presentation, we have had the pleasure of chatting with Tom and are working on getting him out to speak at some of our events. His message of planning early and sharing financial information has truly resonated with us.  Please click here to watch the most recent live event. 

Over the past year we have attempted to give a copy of Tom’s book to each one of our clients in London, Waterloo and Toronto. If you have not received your copy, let us know. We hope to provide this book to clients in Chatham in 2020. 

Expect to hear more about Tom in 2019 and for those who know of his work, think about his 7 questions as you review the next section.

  1. What word best describes our family. Share a family story that helps explain the word you selected.
  1. Describe how your parents acquired their wealth. Share a memory about something your parents did to provide for you that left a lasting impression. 
  1. How would an inheritance advance your dreams for yourself, your family and your community
  1. In the context of planning for the division of your assets, does fair mean fair or does fair mean equal? Who are you planning on leaving your wealth to, and will you share a copy of your will with me? 
  1. Describe how your parents divided their assets and when you first learned of the contents of their will? What would you do the same and what would you do differently?
  1. Describe the role you play or played in the final care of your parents. Can you name one thing that was or is being done well, and one thing you could change or wish you had done differently? 
  1. Describe in detail your last wishes. 

These are not always easy questions to answer. However, we are more than happy to work with you and your family to meet your planning goals.

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