Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario

In 2010 we were approached by the local Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario in London.  They were in the midst of building a new hospital and were looking for support from key business leaders in the community.  With each member of our Team having young kids, it was an area we were excited to support.


They had a great idea regarding our firm committing to the construction and finishing costs of a special playroom for children in their care.  It would be a non-threatening play room where they could forget, if even only momentarily they were in the middle of a battle for what for many of them was their lives.  This would be a dedicated area for fun and games without the risk of any sort of medical procedure or test.  The group here at NBF London thought it was a great idea and designed a campaign that involved our clients.


We offered financial plans in exchange for a $100 donation to the campaign.  The program was a success and with the generous donations coming directly from some clients, we reached our $100,000 goal ahead of time.


After a long construction process and finishing details we are happy to show here some pictures of the National Bank Financial Children’s Playroom at the new Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario.


We are very proud that along with the support of our clients we continue to provide a small break for these kid’s going through a difficult time and we thank you for your help in getting to our goal and turning this into a reality.


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