Welcome to JMRD

The JMRD Wealth Management Team of National Bank Financial, is a select group of highly qualified investment professionals. Collectively, we possess over 70 years of wealth management experience, numerous financial designations and several university degrees. The unique team format employed by JMRD allows the group to utilize the expertise of each team member, providing our clients with the highest degree of knowledge in all aspects of personal finance. An additional benefit of the team format is an exceptional and unsurpassed level of service.

Client service philosophy

We provide financial peace of mind for wealthy families through a proven platform of comprehensive planning, customized solutions and exceptional service.

Investment philosophy

JMRD Wealth Management Team embraces the same principles that have made Warren Buffett such a great success. Acquiring top quality investments at reasonable prices, and then being patient, is the key to long-term financial success. This long term, conservative approach reflects the Team’s and National Bank Financial’s goal of handling all client needs. This does not mean we buy, hold and forget. We will change our view when the information changes.

Investment Strategy

Recognizing that the financial needs of every client are unique, JMRD utilizes the extensive resources available to them to develop, implement and monitor a long-term financial plan suited to the individual. Client expectations, objectives and time horizon are only some of the factors that are weighed when developing individual plans.

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